Sergio Lub – Prophesy Magnetic Brushed Bracelet


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While in Greece I learned about Oracles, the powerful tool used by Kings to predict the future. Seekers gaze at intricate patterns, such as tea leaves, animal’s guts, or the loops in this bracelet, until the visions come. This design is honoring our ancestor’s courage in a time when prophesies inspired heroes and guided the evolution of entire civilizations, a vital energy that is alive today in the vision of building a world that thrives for all.


Sergio Lub Magnetic Bracelets

Individually handcraft bracelets in Northern California that are adjustable and designed to be worn continuously, aging gracefully for years. Only solid metals, primarily consisting of Pure Copper and different Copper alloys such as; Jewelers’ Brass and German Silver are used. As well as Gold & Sterling Silver. Copper, the primary material of choice, is considered one of the most essential trace minerals for the human body. Since copper is absorbed through the skin, these bracelets can serve as a natural time-release source of this precious mineral.


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