Copper Swirl

Sergio Lub – Copper Swirl Magnetic Bracelet


Size: Medium & Large



Tri-metal bracelet in which the strand of pure copper gracefully swirls over the brass and silver. A design that adds flair and movement, making it a colorful reminder to keep dancing.


Sergio Lub Magnetic Bracelets

Individually handcraft bracelets in Northern California that are adjustable and designed to be worn continuously, aging gracefully for years. Only solid metals, primarily consisting of Pure Copper and different Copper alloys such as; Jewelers’ Brass and German Silver are used. As well as Gold & Sterling Silver. Copper, the primary material of choice, is considered one of the most essential trace minerals for the human body. Since copper is absorbed through the skin, these bracelets can serve as a natural time-release source of this precious mineral.

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Large, Medium


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